Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008 NH Liberty Forum Firearms Shoot

Scenes from this morning's Firearms Shoot to open the 2008 Free State Project Liberty Forum, at Manchester Firing Line & Range in Manchester, NH. My Reason interview even made it to the web before my video...
So I did most of my talking on the bus to and from the event and milling around. Bill Alleman, who blogs and posts videos under the name NHBikerBill, laughed about the Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton ads that trumpet their work for average schlubs ("He saved my daugher! She unclogged my toilet!") and argued that only Paul's got truly excited supporters.

"Nobody wants to vote for Romney or those other guys, but there are these voters who vote out of habit: Oh, there's an election, I'd better decide. Why should those votes count as much as votes for Ron Paul?" Bill shook his head. "You listen to him and you say 'This is how it should be, goddamn it!'"

Well, he almost got the username right (he scored on the YouTube url, though). Thanks, Dave! Here's the video (yes, I said the wrong date)...

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