Saturday, May 26, 2012

Vigil to Shame a Belligerently Barbaric Bureaucrat

Yes, barbaric. Democratic NH Governor John Lynch, demonstrating an ongoing breathtaking degree of callousness and abject inhumanity, is again threatening to veto access to pain medicine, despite medicinal marijuana legislation being passed -- again -- by a Republican-dominated NH House and even Senate.

The House could almost comfortably override his veto twice, but the Senate is still struggling with how much compassion is as much as they really ought to have to show, how much of the doctor-patient relationship they really need to respect, how much ownership of your own pain-riven body they should "allow" you to exert. How much you... work for them.

This 5/24/2012 evening, activists gathered in front of the NH State House for a candlelight vigil in an effort to exhort the final push to secure (only marginally, really) unmolested-by-their-servants relief for people in pain, in the form of SB409,"relative to the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes."

Now would be an excellent time to make your Senator aware that medical decisions should be a private matter between patient and doctor, not between patient and bureaucrat.

And do keep Lynch's insistent, inhumane deference to the perverse desires of an ever-increasingly unconstitutional Mordor-On-The-Potomac over your own in mind, dear taxpayer, should you ever discover he has arrogant designs on "representing" you again in some capacity. Truly, who does he think he is...?

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