Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Abject Fear Betrayed?

Are we witnessing the nevertheless-still-malevolent death throes of a violent predator? The hysterical yet vicious last gasp? "I'll chase him round Good Hope, and round the Horn, and round the Norway Maelstrom (or 'round the Moons of Nibia, and round the Antares Maelstrom,' if you prefer), and round perdition's flames before I give him up." The lash of the plummeting Balrog? Or perhaps 'Come back here you coward! It's only a flesh wound...!'

There's a growing palpable desperation emitting among the vile, venal, arrogant, obsessive-compulsive, micromanaging, collectivist authoritarians. Blatantly self-referential "appeals to authority." An unmistakable stench of fear that they're finally losing control over their neighbors' peaceful lives. One relatively tiny corner of their oppressive domain, to be sure, but a critical one, I believe. And they seem to agree. It permeates their very words. Clearly, the drubbing they finally took at the hands of the Senate scared the shit out of them.

They're increasingly strident and grasping, if that's even possible anymore. Incomprehensible as it may be to lovers of liberty, these people -- yes, these barbarians -- will never concede -- ever -- in what must prove an inevitably fruitless effort to hold back the tide in what is ostensibly a free country (what the hell is their definition, anyway?). The rule of law -- beginning with the letter and spirit of the Constitutions -- must win out. Self-ownership must win out. Compassion, in this particular case, must win out. A government that fundamentally understands in no uncertain terms who's running this show must win out.

SB409, "relative to the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes," now before the House Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee, 4/10/2012. I think I'm finally all "shocked out" by the utterly shameless sycophantic control freaks' wild assertions, misplaced loyalties, and general contempt for peaceful self-determination and the limited servant government of expressly enumerated delegated powers authorized to defend it. See if they've rendered you as jaded.

We'll start, though, with the good, with selected testimony from Rep Jenn Coffey, and NH Common Sense founder and current Marijuana Policy Project Legislative Analyst (and NH resident, jbtw) Matt Simon.

EDIT: Keep this in mind while enduring law enforcement's testimony...
"It’s now settled that state law enforcement officers cannot arrest medical marijuana patients or seize their medicine simply because they prefer the contrary federal law," said Joe Elford, Chief Counsel with Americans for Safe Access (ASA), the medical marijuana advocacy organization that represented the defendant Felix Kha in a case that the City of Garden Grove appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. "Perhaps, in the future local government will think twice about expending significant time and resources to defy a law that is overwhelmingly supported by the people of our state."

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