Friday, March 23, 2012

Hope Springs Eternal

Two weeks ago, the NH Senate Health and Human Services Committee held the public hearing for SB409, "relative to the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes." It went well for most. Not so much for others.

March 22, the committee held their "Executive Session" on the bill, where they vote on what they'll recommend to the entire body. Committee recommendations are overwhelmingly accepted (with some remarkably notable exceptions), so they're important. Herewith, that session.

I'll save you some suspense. Four Republicans (including former Congressman, Senate Majority Leader and Chair Jeb Bradley) and one Democrat recommended unanimously that this bill -- sponsored by 3 GOP Senators, just btw -- ought to pass. Of course, we shouldn't have to be here at all if one particular Democrat -- the one sitting in the governor's office -- hadn't vetoed a similar bill in 2009 -- one, in fact, he essentially wrote. But he's not running again, so he no longer feels compelled to pander to his ostensible "non-base," right? We'll see...

This, too, is on the heels of the super-majority GOP House killing the gay-marriage repeal bill on Wednesday. And earlier this term, they passed marijuana decriminalization and hemp legalization. However much I still disagree with swathes of their agenda, Republicans really are a different, better breed in NH. Better, in fact, than the Democrats on some of the Dems' own traditional issues...

And lest we forget, 40 Years Ago Today: Congress Was Told To Tell The Truth About Marijuana; They Didn’t

Senate panel OKs medical pot bill

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  1. It's interesting that there seems to be concern for the potential sale of medical marijuana. The State of New Hampshire sold over $534 million in alcohol last year. The Senators seem to (finally) aknowledge that marijuana is medicinal, yet they still want to jail anybody that sells it.

    Alcohol KILLS people, marijuana cannot and does not kill people...the state sells alcohol...hello!! ????