Sunday, November 28, 2010

YouTube-enabled Government Censorship

YouTube has summarily rejected 2 Concord, NH videos from 11/13/2010 exposing government violence, following government complaints that said violence -- and its perpetrators -- shouldn't be exposed (sound at all familiar?). The videos have now been reposted elsewhere.

Read the backstory, including the YouTube email citing the government complaint, here and here.

Now see the original videos your government got pulled, and the new YouTube replacement video, right here.

UPDATE: Threads on more YouTube censorship of the same event here and here.
And again, images are not a crime. Let alone government thug accountability...

And here's something to chew on: YouTube could conceivably pull any video of NH legislative hearings. Or any of the many police abuse videos all over the internet.
Or dashcams of chases, right? Well, OF COURSE it's private property. But I can still expose censorship and government collusion just as I can with any other media outlet. Government employees are accountable to their employers -- that's you -- for their actions. If they want to hide, they need to work in the private sector, for a different boss.

Let's just say it flat out. YouTube is condoning government abuses and absolving it and its functionaries of any accountability by banning reporting of such abuses simply on government's whim. "Only doing my job" hasn't been a valid excuse since Nuremberg, at least. And government has a favorite low-bar charge for colluding with others to defraud and deprive: conspiracy.

UPDATE 2: This, just for example -- evidence of destruction of evidence by law enforcement -- could disappear very quickly.

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