Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fun With TSA -- And No One Else

It's tough to inform the aviating public of overstepping government when they would appear to be sufficiently informed already. Indeed, they would seem to be voting with their wallets and staying away in droves. It was dead for an average Wednesday, nevermind what I must assume would be considered typical for "the busiest travel day of the year." Herewith, the National Opt Out Day demonstration at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, 11/24/2010. The day before Thanksgiving.

Your humble chronicler arrived early to case the joint and, them fellers bein' so derned smart an' all, TSA was already on heightened alert, well aware a protest was scheduled for 10am, as I overheard one of 'em commenting to a suspect-- er... customer. Badges and goofy epaulets as far as the eye could see. Granted, that wasn't too tough, given that there weren't any travelers obstructing the view, of course...

Nevertheless, the protesters didn't trash the place, so we settled in to an uneasy peace. Until, that is, TSA decided to start handing out "free speech zone" maps. Which we ignored. And -- at least by the time I left, anyway -- they ignored us ignoring. Not even any threats.

WMUR TV was there even before I was, conducting interviews with "upper thugs." Betcha the "film at eleven" doesn't include images of all the wide open spaces. You go, citizens...

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