Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hey! We're Complaining Here! WE'RE COMPLAINING HERE!!

Although decidedly peacefully...

No longer merely a 4:20 celebration, the, um, "forces of good" take the battle directly to the enemy. Physically again, and now in a more "legal" context, as well. The concept of "redress of grievance" is prominently ensconced in both the federal Constitution (1st Amendment) and the NH Constitution (Part First, Article 31), yet has long been moribund under each jurisdiction.

Why might that be? Well, when government is directly confronted with the damage that it does to peaceful people, it gets uncomfortable. It has an image to uphold, after all. Its solution, of course, is to avoid that informed confrontation. Pretend it's not necessary, that the process to respect an expressly enumerated right isn't mandatory. Even when it's such an explicit requirement of its charter. But hey, nobody's paying attention, right? We can just continue to ignore it. Indeed, it's best that we do so. And this day will be no exception.

'V' masks oddly entirely absent (the preference being, apparently, to celebrate in the spirit of a different holiday, if somewhat prematurely), as NH free people descend on the NH State House in Concord for another Guy Fawkes Day 4:20 celebration, 11/5/2010, insisting on Government responsiveness to grievances and the protection of rights, including the foundational right to self-ownership.

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