Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Question for All Legislators

Whom do you serve? Whom do you represent? The Forgotten Mission.

The incessant, oppressive parade of law enforcement and "justice" department officials testifying, ever in full regalia and ostensibly with the self-important imprimatur of their agency, against the expressly stated wishes of their bosses the People (what percentage of the People, say, is now against the never-authorized "War on People Who Use [Some] Drugs"™, just for one example? and yet...), in committee hearings of the legislatures, both state and federal, and the obsequious, sycophantic, cloying, unquestioning, uncritical deference and respect invariably paid them and their desires for control (and their so-often tired "Reefer Madness"- style arguments) -- "professional courtesy" among tyrants, among thieves of liberty, among servants who have forgotten their place and their purpose, examples of which are far too rife in the videos under this banner -- must begin to be directly challenged if the People are ever to regain any semblance of mastery over their servants, all branches, or over their intended liberty, to have been protected by said branches.

Long a substantial peeve of your humble chronicler, here, William Kostric fires the first pithy volley on the field of battle. It's time that this pointed inquiry became equally as incessant any time the uniforms and state-bestowed titles show up in committee. Make their ears ring with it. Every... Single... Hearing.

Do you represent the Executive Branch, or do you represent the People?
"The principles of a free constitution are irrevocably lost when the legislative power is dominated by the executive."
-Edward Gibbon-
(1737-1794) English historian and Member of Parliament

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