Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The ONLY Legitimate Victim is The State. Right?

The NH House Criminal Justice Committee this day, 2/21/2012, "exec'd" a couple dozen bills (falling a dozen short of their goal). These "executive sessions" are where committees vote on what shall be their recommendation to the full House on the respective bills they're assigned, after holding pubic hearings.

Here, CJ "tackles," with pillow-fight seriousness, HB1531, "relative to prosecution for victimless crimes" -- that's "no victim, no crime" (unfortunately, the concept of "crime" requiring an actual "victim" still eludes your "representatives") -- and HB1651, "requiring the division of state police to equip special weapons and tactics (SWAT) units or teams with tactical cameras" -- or, "the force-monopoly state being cleared by its own internal investigations is, well, not sufficient."

Video of the respective public hearings (available to you, faithful reader, because public servants are "at all times accountable," of course) can be found here and here. But I'll save you the suspense. The only relevant option is "ITL," or "Inexpedient to Legislate" (how's that for a politically driven euphemism?). Well, knock me over with a pillow feather...

Why can your servants exempt themselves from your oversight, while simultaneously criminalizing offending them? Just something to think about...

Hey here's an interesting development: Taser unveils new wearable police cameras, starting with BART

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  1. For a "crime" to have occurred it requires an actual victim that suffered a loss or a harm. Such as an assault, a fraud or damage to their property.

    A "victimless crime" occurs when a person is prosecuted for violating a "because we say so" prohibition, but no actual person was harmed or suffered a loss or damage of any kind.

    I am not surprised this PARTICULAR body of legislators does not grasp this concept...it requires the ability to think beyond the confines of a closed,limited and sycophantic mind.