Sunday, February 7, 2010

NH Liberty Alliance Campaign Training

Former NH State Representative, inaugural NHLA Political Director, and 2000 candidate for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination, Don Gorman leads a NH Liberty Alliance training session for potential candidates and supporters, at Murphy's Taproom, Manchester, NH, 2/6/2010.

From the announcement:
The NH Liberty Alliance will hold a training session on how to get elected to State office in New Hampshire. Whether you are considering running yourself, or just want to help get good, pro-liberty people elected.

Consider: in 2007, medical marijuana was defeated in the NH House by a margin of five votes. Five more pro-liberty people would have changed that outcome. Margins of less than 2 dozen happen over and over for issues like seat-belt laws, home schooling, jury nullification, taxation, state sovereignty, and regulation of all kinds. A few hours of your time at election season can provide the "swing votes" on all these issues for two solid years. And if you can run for State Rep -- and win -- you can be one of those who casts those critical votes.

Thanks to the generosity of Murphy's Taproom, this session will be free of charge. Please help Murphy's defray costs by consuming their delicious food and drink.
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