Friday, January 29, 2010

NH House Hears from Bikers

The NH House Transportation Committee holds consecutive hearings on 2 motorcycle-specific bills, HB1261, "relative to motorcycle noise emission controls," followed by HB1162, "relative to the wearing of motorcycle protective headgear," 1/28/2010. I must say I was pleasantly surprised that there was far less "nanny-state"-style opposition than at last year's identical-concept seatbelt bill.

Testimony from ordinary citizens, of course, plus from the NH Motorcyclist Rights Organization, the American Motorcyclist Association, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, and the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association. Oh, and some supercilious authoritarian bureaucrat from NTSB. Check out his contemptuous tone when challenged by a "mere" State Representative in the YouTube teaser clip just below (as well as in the full HB1162 video). You go, Rep. Packard...!

Note in the HB1261 video how indignant sponsor Rep. Day is made by the notion that the electorate is actually made aware of her incessant shenanigans. She certainly does get a lot of consistent pushback on her bills, doesn't she? I can see how it might eventually get frustrating for her. Why, oh why can't they just let her do what she wants to them...?

But first, a couple highlights, each grasping the essence of their respective bills. Plus a, um... "bonus"...


HB1162, Part 1

HB1162, Part 2


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