Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Taxing Times in NH?

The NH House Ways & Means Committee holds another the-public's-not-invited-to-instruct-us "House Information Session," this time jointly with the NH Senate's analogous committee, 10/21/2009.

Faithful viewers may recall that I recorded the first such session, back on 9/10/2009. But this one's slated for 2 full days, so all I could stand was the opening ceremonies. If you can stand it, Chair Almy promises the audio will be posted on the state's website.

Surrounding the "session," anti-tax activists commence a parallel 2-day rally, and hold a press conference outside the Legislative Office Building. If you just wanna jump to the good stuff, the press conference begins at minute 4.

The rally will continue tomorrow, 10/22/2009, tracking the second ponderous day of outsiders reinforcing NH government's desire for more of your money. Be there or be... poorer. Whenever you can make it, between 8:30am and 3:00pm...

EDIT: Grant Bosse is live blogging from the "session" over at NH Watchdog.

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