Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NH Rep Dan Itse Calls Out the House. Again.

And yet again, we must inquire, why aren't they embarrassed? Even just a little bit. But no-o-o-o. . . The first time, no one seemed sufficiently and justifiably contrite. This time, from 10/28/2009 -- the same day the Senate couldn't see fit to extricate itself from peaceful individuals' medical decisions -- is clearly no different.

Rep. Itse first references last term's SB153, "relative to business practices between motor vehicle manufacturers, distributors, and dealers," specifically. But he could just as easily have used as examples the recently eviscerated payday loan industry. Or any of the far too numerous professional licensing boards and mandatory requirements in NH (one of the most onerous lists in the country), and all of which directly restrict the forms of contracts into which your state "allows" you to enter. Our government is flatly prohibited from passing such legislation by the Constitution, by rule of law, and all these are just violations of merely one particular Constitutional provision.

Then Rep. Itse goes on to cite intentional Constitutional limitations on the imposition of taxes. You know, like income taxes?

And what is the reaction of this august body to the notion that they've violated their oaths (which they took most recently less than a year ago), and that violation thereof is, in fact, a serious matter for honest citizens? Chortles. Snickers from the peanut gallery, so to speak. It's just so much mindless trivia, not an intentional proscription on the expansion of government's delegated authority that they should be remotely expected in any substantive way to adhere to. And then -- get this -- they quite vocally don't want a record of his chiding published! Stunning.

But I suppose no criminal wants evidence laying around, though, right? Well, by request of the orator, here it is, dear viewer, for all posterity. Including the "honorable" House's reaction... <shudder>

Hey, I just thought of a great statist campaign slogan:
"He simply knows better than you. And the Founders.
So just let him run your life, already!"
Must be true. It's on the internets...

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