Friday, March 28, 2008

Return of REAL ID, Day 2

TOP OF THE POST ACTION ITEM: The Committee's Executive Session for SB434 is scheduled for 2:00pm, 4/1/2008 in LOB Rm. 304. No public testimony, but could be interesting, nevertheless. Even if likely very short, at this point...

Herewith, the NH House Science, Technology & Energy Committee's 2nd hearing on SB434, 3/27/2008, which the NH Senate amended to reintroduce their irrational passion for a national ID. The Executive Session is scheduled for April Fool's Day, the day after the official compliance extension request deadline. Could be interesting, nevertheless. Additionally...

Although we still don't know what was in it (EDIT: This is purported to be it), we learned in Thursday's testimony that Gov Lynch had sent a follow-up letter to DHS, and it's a fair bet he would have run it by somebody if he was giving away the store. Therefore, as it would seem, somebody else "blinked:" NH has received an unrequested extension.

Oh, and just in case you missed it, Sen. Janeway, the original bill's sponsor, disavowed the REAL ID amendment, and NO ONE from the unanimous Senate (including Janeway, of course) had the balls (or lacked the arrogance) to show up and defend this crap they insisted, on the fly, be included. In fact, through 2 hearings, no one defended it at all...

Google Video version (soon disappearing)

And here, by special request, stand-alone testimony from Manchester Representative Steve Vaillancourt on the political and philosophical obligation of civil disobedience, from the first Committee hearing on 3/25/2008.

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