Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Practical Considerations for a Day at the NH State House

A brief tour of the NH State House and environs for those trepidatious individuals who what to know where they're going before they get there. I gotcher back. C'mon down... Plus, some investigative reporting. };->


  1. Could someone scan the brochure or recreate it as a pdf so we could simply print our own to use and give out? If even after our best efforts the bureaucrats refuse to distribute them again this could be another option.

  2. Liberty minds do think alike. Ofer had, in fact, suggested that very option when he first related this discovery on 3/5/08. Naturally, I had encouraged it. I do expect it to happen, either way...

    I also want to point out that this current version of the map is already sparse on details, those having been removed from a previous version, we were told. The next step, one must assume, is to blot out the State House in Google Maps, Cheney-style.

    And remember, with no chain of command here, this all happens on the whimsical order of 1/424th of a legislature (not including the judiciary, who also get an individual say on how the gift shop is run, IIRC). And if nobody notices it's once again missing -- let alone that there's no one to complain to other than Virginia -- who's gonna order it back...?