Monday, February 18, 2008

Not the end of Prohibition (more's the pity), just the end of Draco

My email to members of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee of the NH House:


Prohibition is not just. Prohibition is not freedom. By any objective measure, prohibition doesn't even work. Never has, never will. It enriches criminals and arbitrarily destroys lives for no good reason. That said, HB1623, "relative to penalties for possession of marijuana," (sadly, still) doesn't end our latest failed experiment in authoritarian prohibition.

But according to Part First, Article 18 of the NH Constitution, "All penalties ought to be proportioned to the nature of the offense." Penalties currently incurred by otherwise peaceful individuals for simple marijuana possession are simply not proportioned to the "offense." Not remotely close.

This needs to change. In a just society, this finally must change. You have the power to set that long-overdue change in motion. Please do. Recommend HB1623 OTP unequivocally. It is the Constitutional course.

We could say, "Feds, we strongly counsel against it, but if you feel you must continue this insane course, we cannot seem to stop you. But NH won't actively assist you in persecuting her own citizens anymore, in perpetuating this profound immorality." We could say that, and be applauded by decent, rational people worldwide. But if you're feeling particularly just, please at least return the quantity in question to that stated in the original bill. Thank you.

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