Friday, February 22, 2008

NH Can't Seem to Kill REAL ID - Gov to Ignore Voters and His Own Rhetoric

Thursday evening, NHPR reported that Gov. Lynch will be drafting a letter to ask for an extension on the REAL ID deadline. Read the history of NH's vocal opinion here. Read the current very hot action item here. Following is my wee-hour phone message to the corner office. Join me, would you?

Governor Lynch,

According to NHPR, you're intending to request a compliance extension on Homeland Security's troubling REAL ID program. In addition to the unavoidable fact that, per the 10th Amendment and NH's own Article 7, licensing isn't a federal function, your constituents have already spent a great deal of effort ensuring NH would not participate, resulting in passage of HB685 last year, which you signed with a flourish.

Even if you don't notice, surely the feds will, that it's illegal for NH to comply. If you choose to violate state law, as well as your own position, I assure you there will be political consequences. And this ain't a speeding ticket.

I believe you've been contacted by Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer regarding a state alliance against federal overreach on this matter. I suggest, strongly, that you take him up on it. The compliance you should be concerned with is that with the Constitutions and your constituents' instructions. Thank you.

Union Leader article here.

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