Tuesday, May 2, 2017

"You Can't Grow It, But You Can Buy It"

"It's no crime to import hemp products; it's only a crime to create them." We leave those icky farming profits to crass free countries.

Hey, it's prohibition. You somehow expected reason...?

The NH Senate Judiciary Committee considers yet even still again the concept of ending in NH the criminalization (only of the cultivation) of remarkably versatile production materials, with testimony regarding HB151, "relative to industrial hemp as a controlled substance," 5/2/2017.

One more time: pollen from hemp ruins your marijuana crop. <drops the mic> You'd think the prohibitionist state would be all over this tactic, wouldn't ya? Except that there are all those cronies to protect in the chemical and paper and pharmaceutical industries. Plus, y'know, civil asset forfeiture, of course -- but then that doesn't even require the plant to be hemp, so...

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