Monday, April 14, 2014

Alex Cora DeJesus and the Grinding Wheels of "Justice"

The Weare, NH, Select Board is here finally compelled to address (if you can really call it that) citizen unrest regarding the homicide on 8/14/2013 (8 full months ago now) in a donut shop parking lot (who would dare make this shit up?) by Weare PD of Alex Cora DeJesus, and the ongoing stonewalling in the entire matter by the NH AG's office, 4/14/2014. This community requires, deserves, demands answers. And justice. And this is all the "assistance" our local servants will provide, all the accountability in our name they're willing to expend any effort to pursue.

Even the 2 trigger-pullers' names haven't been released yet. Officially, that is... Allow me to repeat that. After two thirds of a year, the shooters are still unnamed. And they're still prowling the streets of Weare, armed, with a legal license to kill. Would any "mere civilian" have been offered such legal deference after taking a life? And if -- and this is a mighty massive "if" -- the AG's report actually finally finds no alternative but to rule homicide, would the other 3 (officially) involved in that night's violent rogue activities avoid legal culpability were they not wearing badges? I have my suspicions...

Find plenty of links to mainstream press coverage of the incident and the aftermath, interspersed with just run-of-the-mill WPD corruption and thuggery here.


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