Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The One Where the Senate Serves the Liquor Commission

And the crony mega-brewers, of course, who would obviously be put at a crushing disadvantage if nanobreweries were actually allowed to sell their minuscule product in their facilities to willing customers. But you knew that, right?

Just listen as Sen. Jeb Bradley explains how the primary consideration for his amendment was appeasing the state-monopoly NH Liquor Commission, and thus justifies ignoring the people and entrepreneurs in favor of big business and continued government protectionism and micromanagement, as the NH Senate Commerce Committee deliberates in "Executive Session" its recommendation to the full Senate on HB253, "relative to limitations on sales by nano breweries for consumption on the premises," 5/7/2013. They've now crafted the restrictive bill the Executive Branch wants, and they approve. Crimony. Could they be more blatant?

Hey legislature! You represent the people, not the Executive Branch! Listen to US! Here's a novel concept we've been working on: legalize voluntary, competitive free market commerce!

Overall, a bad day for the good guys at black rock...

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