Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Industrial Hemp Re-enters the Machine

There are few words remaining to describe the unfathomable cognitive disconnect that continues to impede the modern-day agricultural cultivation of and economic benefit from (remember, you may use it, you just can't grow it -- you must pay other countries to grow it for you...) such an ancient, versatile and valuable plant as industrial hemp. Just last year, a very similar bill, the odyssey of which can be traced back starting here, went down accompanied by much stupefying legislative indifference.

This is the commencement of this year's journey, beginning with the public hearing for HB153, "Prohibiting the designation of industrial hemp as a controlled substance," before the NH House Criminal Justice Committee, 1/22/2013. The viewer will note that there was no testimony opposed. The closest the prohibitionists got was AAG Anne Rice wagging a finger and stating that it's still illegal according to the overstepping feds -- as if the 10th Amendment requires that we submit regardless. But the accuracy of that assertion was quickly challenged anyway by New Hempshire Foundation's Kevin Bloom, whom we'll see, too, in the teaser video.

But first, here again is the federal government's (taxpayer-funded) position on the domestic production of industrial hemp -- before the petroleum and paper industries and the police-prosecutor-prison-industrial complex (which needs more laws to grow their businesses, after all) told 'em to knock it off, that is...


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