Friday, April 15, 2011

Yes, Medical Marijuana Prohibition Is Socialized Medicine

It's government overruling the market -- not to mention self-ownership and basic common sense -- to inflict its opinions (and those of its buddies in Big Pharma, of course) on you and your thus arbitrarily and capriciously limited healthcare options. Whimsical government control of healthcare.
"We don't want government-run healthcare for a reason. They shouldn't be involved in the decision-making of doctor-patient relationships."
-Rep. Phil Greazzo-
Now, there's a meme that really needs to catch on relative to medical marijuana. Your health care decisions are too important to trust them to centralizing -- and medically ignorant -- "one size harms all" bureaucrats and politicians. To submit them to their whims and prejudices and superstitions. And to their cozy crony capitalism. You pay your doctor for health care advice. Shouldn't your doctor be free to help you make the best choices for you?

We've heard it all before, of course. Ad nauseam. But it now seems almost as if the authoritarians' malevolent little spirits have been broken, doesn't it? Where ever is the ever-hysterical Chief Crate, just for one obvious example? Almost sad, in a way. Na-a-ah, who am I kiddin'? Only time will tell, though, if the political opportunist Gov. Lynch will irrationally insist on continuing to side with them regardless...

HB442, 'relative to the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes,' before the NH Senate Health & Human Services Committee, 4/14/2011.

But first, Rep. Greazzo speaking truth to power, on government making medical decisions, regarding the determination of the effectiveness of drugs, for individuals.

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