Thursday, August 12, 2010

The one where the NH AG intimidates a "citizen of good character"

Ivy Walker has been known to do legal research and/or represent individuals before the servant state of NH -- individuals fully aware, even preferring, that she hasn't sought the sanction of that state or the state's bar association -- and as "authorized" by the state's own laws, specifically, RSA 311:1, which says:
"A party in any cause or proceeding may appear, plead, prosecute or defend in his or her proper person, that is, pro se, or may be represented by any citizen of good character. For the purposes of this section, a citizen shall be presumed to be of good character unless demonstrated otherwise."
Not surprisingly, the state isn't happy about her nettlesome, "insufficiently deferential" competence in this area. Or, perhaps they're just not aware of their own law...

Here, Ivy has been summoned to the NH DOJ by the high priests of NH law enforcement to "explain herself," 8/12/2010. Goes without saying, of course, that your servants don't want their activities in your name being recorded...

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  1. This rocks...I myself was unaware of this statute, and have remained silent when I *could* have represented others...Ivy will have a fellow iconoclast to work with in the future!