Friday, March 26, 2010

Weare, NH, PD Left Speechless

Activists attempt to discover the disposition of private property seized, without the issuance of receipts, by Weare, NH police in the wee hours of 3/24/2010. This event is from the following afternoon, 3/25/2010, a dozen or so in attendance. Here's the most relevant forum thread, and here are links to the Porc411 calls from the original incident, and the afternoon follow-up:

More of my thoughts on the right to record here. NH attorney, Paula Werme has a page on recording our servants here.

Part 1

Part 2


  1. At 5:50 in part 2, the Police Chief said something that made me cheer, even though ALL of this has been horrible: I can't talk about this in the MEDIA!

    The fact that our response to the actions of the Weare PD involves *their* reacting to us as a legitimate media is very heartening to me....

  2. That is an EXCELLENT point! I remember hearing him say it at the time, and being vaguely but specifically struck by it, but I hadn't really given it more thought since.

    Credibility is important, and our influence will grow as we gain it as legitimate media outlets. I think Sam Dodson and Dave Ridley (and Kat and Russell in print, of course) are decidedly on the vanguard there. (Yeah, there's a stretch, eh...?)

    Sometime during the event, I recall somebody making a comment about Sam's hulking professional camera likely being fairly intimidating to the Chief, that maybe he wouldn't feel quite so free to push him around as somebody with, say, a Flip. "Hey, this guy must be important!" Perhaps even more intimidating than the sheer number of cameras that showed up, I'd imagine, especially when they were so caught off guard by the tyranny resistance they'd generated expecting nothing more than contemptuous "business as usual."

    So, perhaps we've learned that Begin believes size does matter...! };->

  3. HAH, Sam's camera DOES kick ass, for sure. I HAD to take a picture of it at PorcFest and send it to my film-maker son to salivate over. It does indeed lend some degree of gravitas and dammit, that helps. Secondarily, seeing the same folks show up, tirelessly, does have an impact. As if to say, "Yes, it's us, and we're not going away!"