Saturday, January 26, 2008

My filed opposition to HB1314

Having regrettably missed the opportunity to testify before the pertinent committee, the following is my post-hearing email to members of the Environment and Agriculture Committee of the NH House of Representatives on HB1314, which would make it illegal to take the life of any animal without lawful authority.

Unfortunately, I missed the Environment and Agriculture Committee's 1/24 public hearing on HB1314. I assert that this proposed legislation is ludicrous at best, and profoundly dangerous to liberty, autonomy and self-sufficiency -- the independent culture and spirit of New Hampshire -- at worst.

Firstly, no one with whom I associate is in favor of animal cruelty. Indeed, I prefer my dogs to the vast majority of humans. Literally. But the notion that a small, or "hobby" farm, or even household on a budget would need government approval to slaughter a cow or pig or lamb or rabbit or chicken for dinner is beyond absurd.

As is the notion that a poor family must now choose between allocating scarce resources for a "professional" to put poor ol' faithful Yeller out of his misery, or letting him hang on to the bitter end. Now, that's animal cruelty.

Now consider the mousetrap in your kitchen. Or the "roach motel." Or the mosquito on your arm you're about to swat. How about the hawk ravaging your chicken coop, or the bear attacking your dog, or the rabid fox advancing on your child? Ready to go call authorities for an "ok?"

Now extend an (ever) ongoing debate, and consider generally if a simple fertilized egg actually has the rights of the "born" of the species. And then consider your omelette. Depending on one's position on that related debate, how to argue against breakfast criminality under this bill?

Are you laughing yet? I'm not, because this is the proposed legislation. To be imposed by government force. For those who depend on their own resourcefulness, every dinner, every defense of life or property against even nature would now need government authorization.

The overall implications to, and foreshadowings for regulation of the food supply and "authorized" self-sufficiency in general, are very troubling to me, and not just because we raise poultry. This is an independent rural state, but whoever thought this up has clearly never left inner-city limits for any length of time. Or is simply an unrepentant authoritarian...

"You will be beholden to government. For your protection (in this case, even from nature). For your food. It is so written."

Not this camper. Not now. Not ever.

Please unequivocally recommend ITL on the onerous and portentous HB1314. Thank you.

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