Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Plundering of the People

A chart published today by USAToday lists "The 20 freshman members of Congress who had the most special-interest spending, or 'earmarks,' in the House and Senate spending bills. This includes only spending items with a single sponsor, not multiple sponsors." NH 2nd District's own Paul Hodes ranks #17, at $8,806,000 worth of stolen pork.

We NH residents must be so proud to be such thieves, you and I, preying on our neighbors so. Rep. Hodes, despite there being no political quid pro quo involved (because surely you're above that), you nevertheless confiscated this money, this labor, at the point of a gun, from honest, hardworking families in VT and SC and MO and KS and WY and NM and... Are you so certain you spent it more wisely than they could have?

Not in my name, sir. Stop. It is not yours to give. Or to take.

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