Friday, November 2, 2007

Tancredo on immigration, naturalization, and states' rights; from Sep 23, 2007

Just getting 'round to putting this blog account to some use. Characterization as "good" or "bad," vapid or valuable, is your call to make, dear reader...

This was one of my first stabs at "political birddogging," and at activist video generation (hell, at any sort of video generation). And you can find some more examples of recent efforts, specifically on the subject of the abject hypocrisy and failure of marijuana prohibition (not to mention blatant and troubling Federal overreach, but no surprises there), peppered about Send the Right Message.

Why is a perfectly good, consistent Constitutional argument always so easy to selectively abandon, even by those who actually, fully voluntarily claim to support the document? "Well, er, um, there's gotta be somethin' in there somewhere..."

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